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The Crazy Shopping Trip

Every two weeks, when my husband gets paid, I go shopping for the next two weeks. Since my Mom came to live with us, she has been going shopping with me. Remember, she is 83 yrs old and feisty.

I drop her off at the door and park the car. When I get into the store, she is no where to be seen. We have a rule that we go our separate ways to shop and meet up back at the door, waiting till the other shows up.

So her being gone is fine, and I go about my shopping. Well, I finish (have not seen hide nor hair of her), check out and go to the door, she is not there. So I wait for a while, and then just go and put my groceries away in the car and come back in. (Thinking that by the time I do all this she will be done.)

I have a cart load of groceries, and it took me a little while to get them all in the car. So when I get back in the store she is still not there yet. So I have to go look the store for her to nudge her along. Well as I am walking through the store my pants keep falling down some cause they are stretched out. I have this real nice leather coat on with fax fur lining. Well as nice as this coat is and warm, it always takes whatever shirt I have on, and twisted it around my body and eventually taking my shirt and twisting it up around my neck and under my arms.

So here I am, looking for this little 4'9", 83 year old, feisty woman, and my pants are falling down and my shirt is riding up. At one point I had to go to the bathroom to adjust myself cause my tummy was getting cold.

When I finally find her she is walking towards the check out and has 5 things in her basket. I just can't see how she can take so long to pick out an item. She has told me that she is a person that likes to wonder around the store just looking at all the neat stuff. I can't do that or the store would be at my house and I would be going through bankruptcy.


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