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The elderly need to rebuild systems.

A lot of the elderly 60 yrs and up, are in a stage in their lives where they need to take a good look at their nutrition and what they are putting in their bodies. We should all do this, but the elderly especially, for several reasons.

If they have eaten a life time of processed white pasta, fatty meats, tuns of sugar, and the such, then they probably have digestive problems, heart burn, large bellies, compromised immune systems, diabetes, just to name a few.

Water with lemon every morning (for some reason they tend to not drink enough water and the lemon cleans the liver and has vitamin C), a big salad each day, vegetables and fruits for snacks (especially berries of all kinds). This should be their primary diet, supplemented with palm size meat once a day. Morning eggs are fine if their diet regiment allows. Whole wheat breads with a fiber content of at least 3 grams to one slice of bread.

There are vegi burgers that I have found, that many elderly like. Do them up just like a regular burgers. Very tasty!

Instead of sugar, find a natural sweetener like Stevia or Xylitol, both are very good and easy to use. They don't harm you, and are completely safe to use.

If they can make these changes and stick to them for the most part, they will have an improvement in their health. (Providing they are not allergic to any of the suggestions made here)



real good pic
Elderly living with their children.
Cindy Lee Wilson H.H.P.

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