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     My mother has been living with me for about 8 years now. She is a challenge, or some would call "Feisty". She has health issues, like high blood pressure, thyroid, and a sensitive stomach.
     Since she has come to live with us, it has been a challenge for her and I to declare who the dominant female will be, but it is my house, so we all know who won that one, and her advice will be noted and sometimes taken.
     Over time she has become more dependant on me and has become more childlike in her actions. She is a very inpatient  about everything, from getting better from illness, waiting for dinner, anything she decides she needs or wants she has little patients with waiting till I have time to get to her.She has a lot of other physicological issues that she is dealing with as well.
      As a Holistic Health Practitioner and as a person who overcame many health issues, I have a good understanding of the issues that come up when you have a parent move in with you, for what ever reason.
     I am here if you would like to talk. It is good to do so, it helps relieve stress, and I don't know about you, but, my mother can create quite a bit of stress for me.
     Look forward to hearing from someone. Bless All


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Elderly living with their children.
Cindy Lee Wilson H.H.P.

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